Miso workshop #03 at RYOKO, BERLIN

Every time I make miso, I am impressed by the fermentation world
– the workings of microorganisms and this process of time ,
it is not something that can be handled by human.
Japanese food,
there are many things that make use of the action of nature- fermentation,wind,sun etc
Making miso makes it possible to feel the fun and the natural goodness.
In the workshop,
I would like to introduce Miso and beautiful japanese food culture. I hope you enjoy it.
I am looking forward to being able to meet everyone, Berlin.
Lastly, thank you for giving me this opportunity, ryoko and shihoko.
Miso workshop #03.
with Kagari Nishimoto
Miso is a fermented superfood – a paste made from soybeans, sea salt and koji (a mold starter).
In Japan as the proverb says, miso soup is a medicine for long-life.
Miso has indeed many health benefits: miso is fermented,
which means it contains essential bacteria and with its high dietary fibre
it can improve the digestive system. Fermented products,
particularly those made of soy like miso,
have been found to lower women’s risk of breast cancer.
It can also help to control estrogen levels in our body.
Miso also contains high amounts of antioxidants and minerals such as zinc,
copper and manganese – it can help to heal wounds and boost
the immune system and protect the body from oxidative damage from
free radicals while improving overall energy levels.
And of course: homemade miso is extremely tasty…!
Miso is not only used for miso soup, but also works great with different cuisines.
In the 2.5 hour workshop with Kagari Nishimoto,
a Tokyo based food specialist visiting us for this special occasion,
we learn about variety of miso, its history and culture,
and of course how to make organic miso.
After making miso together, we will also enjoy three variations of miso cuisine,
which are freshly prepared by Kagari-san! ​ ​
1. Introduction about Miso
2. 500g of Miso making
3. Miso dips making & degustation
4. Three variations of Miso dishes ​ ​
There are two sessions to choose on Sunday 11th March
16:30-19:00 ​ ​
45 EUR par participant
Including: 19% VAT, all materials, and online payment transaction fee ​
Every participant can take 500g of miso back home.
After the fermentation process at your home,
which takes around 0.5 – 1 year, it will be (finally!) time to taste your own miso. ​ ​
– A lidded glass (or ceramic) jar for containing 500g of miso
: please sterilise your jar beforehand!
– A kitchen cloth ​ ​
Kagari Nishimoto, a Tokyo based food specialist
With essences of each season,
she is focusing on daily foods which can be memorised by five senses.
She teaches authentic Japanese kitchens and food culture as well as
provides catering services for various events and exhibitions. ​
http:// kaonn.com
In Spring 2015, thanks to a combination of factors coming together,
RYOKO was established in Neukölln, an area that has become the home of it’s creators.
Ryoko Hori, coming from the fashion industry, and Daniel Kula, coming from the film industry,
met in Berlin and the partnership was born.
They built on their combined experience,
creating a vision for RYOKO which was heavily influenced by their interests and beliefs.
Since the seed was planted in 2015,
RYOKO has continued to grow and extend it’s roots,
building a network of similarly-minded businesses and becoming a platform for holistically
beneficial knowledge to be shared.
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Berlin – Neukölln